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As of 2011.02.10

Mukojima chicks come back home.

In the reitroduction project of the Short-tailed Albatross into Ogasawara Islands, a three year old male (Y01) which was transported from Torishima, and hand reared and fledged from Mukojima in 2008 came back to the site of reintroduction on 10 February 2011. Because there has been no previous information whether this species will return to the site when transported from the natal place, we had not been completely confident about the success of our project. With the return of this immature bird, we are more confident that our method will work and the project will be successful.

Y01 returned to his 'home'

This reintroduction project is conducted by YIO in collaboration with Ministry of the Environment, Japan and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

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