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Guide to Using Specimens and Library Collections

Guide to Using Specimens and Library Collections

(1) The books and periodicals at the institute can be accessed if the bibliographic information such as author, title, publisher name, journal name, publication year, etc is known. To see if your desired item of literature exists in the collection please inquire with the bibliographic information. As for titles of periodicals you can check out using the Library of YIO online public access catalogue.
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(2) Access to specimens are allowed only for academic/research purposes with well-defined target species. Whether the desired specimen exists at the institute or not can be checked using the Specimens Database (http://decochan.net), or make inquiries with your desired species name.

(3) Copying is allowed for limited selections of literature due to restrictions posed by copy right or for conservation purposes. Please contact the librarian for details.

(4) Access to photographs and audio-visual materials is permitted only for uses with clear research purposes (e.g., reference for ecological photographic history or outdoor identification of species). Please contact a staff member for details.

(5) Please inquire if you wish to use the specimens or books for commercial purposes (filming, etc). Fees will be charged for commercial uses.

(6) Various types of bird tissue samples (e.g., muscle, blood, and feathers) are collected and preserved, mainly for DNA extraction. DNA samples are also collected and preserved. The Yamashina Institute for Ornithology provides researchers with these samples as a contribution to the academic community. To access these samples, please see Information on Available Samples. Inquiries should be submitted to Shigeki Asai by e-mail (asai(a)yamashina.or.jp). Please replace (a) with @ when you send an e-mail.

(7) Please make a reservation prior to visiting the institute (no walk-ins are allowed). The opening hours are 10:00 to 17:00 on Mondays to Fridays.
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Inquiries regarding
specimen and library collections

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e-mail: shiryo@yamashina.or.jp