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Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau is responsible for the administration work of the institute in general, including general affairs and accounting. The administration work for support group membership fees and donations, which are precious financial resources for the institute's research activities, is also managed by the Administration Bureau.

The bureau sends out detailed information of the institute to those interested in the institute's activities or wishing to become a member. The membership registration and reception of donation are handled at the Administration Bureau.

The bureau is also responsible for organizing various events at the institute. The institute organizes events for the support group members in order to promote networking with and among the members. The chairman of the board of directors, the director general and the staff members of the institute participate in the events to meet with the participants.

The bureau manages the publication of "Yamashina Choken News" (>> see pulications page), a bimonthly newsletter, and organization of events such as special lectures. Furthermore, a visit to the institute is organized every month on the fourth Friday. Questions regarding the institute can be forwarded to the bureau. Please note that reservations are required in advance to participate in the visit to the institute.

Support group member event

Bird-watching event