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Yamashina Yoshimaro Award

Update: November 9, 2022

Recipients of the Award

* titles are those at the time of award

22nd Award (Awarded on July, 2022)
Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protextion (JAWGP. Director: Kurechi Masayuki)

photo of mr.Kurechi, mr.Sabano, mr.Sugawa

21st Award (Awarded on July 6, 2020)
Watanabe Shigeru (Professor Emeritus, Keio University.)

photo of prof. ezaki_yasuo

20th Award (Awarded on July 2, 2018)
Ezaki Yasuo (Professor, University of Hyogo. General Research Department Director of Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork)

photo of prof. ezaki_yasuo

19th Award (Awarded on July 13, 2016)
Ueda Keisuke (Professor Emeritus, Rikkyo University)

photo of prof. ueda keisuke

18th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2014)
Special Award: Kikkawa Jiro (Emeritus Professor, The University of Queensland)

photo of prof. kikkawa jiro

Died in May 2016.

Special Award: Konishi Masakazu (Bing Professor, Emeritus, California Institute of Technology)

photo of prof. konishi masakazu

Died in July 2020.

17th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2012)
Society for Research of Golden Eagle Japan

photo of golden eagle society

For over 30 years, they provided extremely important scientific data on Golden Eagles and conducted protective practices based on ecological findings. They also tried to practice public awareness.

16th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2010)
Morioka Hiroyuki (Curator Emeritus, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo)

photo of prof. morioka hiroyuki

He made significant achievements in bird taxonomy, which forms the basis of all fields of avian science. He also contributed to education of the public and the younger generations.

Died in December 2014.

15th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2008)
Tatsukawa Ryo (Professor Emeritus, Ehime University)

photo of prof. tatsukawa ryo

He revealed the impacts of anthropogenic pollutants on birds and ecosystem and devoted himself in raising social awareness and educating younger generations.

Died in May 2017.

14th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2006)
Hasegawa Hiroshi (Professor, Toho University)

photo of prof. hasegawa hiroshi

He succeeded in recovering the population of the Short-tailed Albatross Phoebastria albatrus based on the scientific knowledge on ecology and ethology, and practiced public awareness raising on bird conservation.

13th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2004)
Yui Masatoshi (Professor, Iwate Prefectural University)

photo of prof. yui masatoshi

He established the estimation method of bird population in forests and pursued his research on the relationship between forests and avian population from the perspectives of fundamental and applied research. He also contributed to education of younger generations.

12th Award (Awarded on September 23, 2003)
Ishii Susumu (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)

photo of prof. ishii susumu

He pursued in understanding the gonadotropin hormone of birds and contributed to artificial breeding of endangered species. He also contributed to education of younger generations.

11th Award (Awarded on June 7, 2002)
Nakamura Hiroshi (Professor, Shinshu University)

photo of prof. nakamura hiroshi

He revealed the existence of co-evolution between parasitic cuckoos (Cuculidae) and hosts, especially host-switching and host-specific lineages or 'gentes'. He has also contributed in education of younger generations.

He is currently serving as the president of the Japan Rock Ptarmigan Meeting.

10th Award (Awarded on June 1, 2001)
Ogi Haruo (Professor, Hokkaido University)

photo of prof. ogi haruo

He built the cornerstone of seabird conservation based on his research in ecology of seabirds in the northern Pacific. He also contributed in education of younger generations.

He retired from Hokkaido University on March 31, 2002. He's Professor Emeritus of the same university as of April 2002.

9th Award (Awarded on June 17, 2000)
Fujimaki Yuzo (Professor, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)

photo of prof. fujimaki yuzo

He contributed to breeding and conservation management of the Hazel Grouse Tetrastes bonasia based on his research of this species in Hokkaido. He also promoted exchanges among ornithologists in Japan and Russia.

He retired from Obihiro University on March 31, 2002. He's now Professor Emeritus of the same university.

8th Award (Awarded on July 3, 1999)
Yamagishi Satoshi (Professor, Kyoto University)

photo of prof. yamagishi satoshi

He continued promotion of socio-ecological research of Japanese birds and education of younger generations. He conducted research on adaptive radiation and conservation of Vangas (Vangidae) in Madagascar.

He retired from Kyoto University on March 31, 2002 and served as the Director General of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology since April 1, 2002. He has been Honorary Director General of the Institute since April 1, 2010.

7th Award (Awarded on July 4, 1998)
Higuchi Hiroyoshi (Professor, the University of Tokyo)

photo of prof. higuchi hiroyoshi

He made significant achievements by introducing multidimentionaility of evolution in avian ecology and promoted conservation ecology by establishing the method of satellite tracking of birds.

6th Award (Awarded on September 9, 1997)
Masatomi Hiroyuki (Professor, Hokkaido College, Senshu University)

photo of prof. masatomi hiroyuki

He conducted ecological research and conservation of the Japanese Crane Grus japonensis and made significant achievements in his creative ethology research using the ethogram method.

He retired from Hokkaido College, Senshu University on March 31, 2003. He is Professor Emeritus of the same university since April 1, 2003.

5th Award (Awarded on July 3, 1996)
Nakamura Noboru (Professor Emeritus, Joetsu University of Education)

photo of prof. nakamura noboru

He built the foundation for avian sociology through his research of tits, and taught and guided the younger generations.

Died in November 2007.

4th Award (Awarded on July 5, 1995)
Kuroda Nagahisa (Director General, Yamashina Institute for Ornithology)

photo of prof. kuroda nagahisa

He conducted a wide range of researches regarding morphology and ecology of avian species and their conservation, and built the cornerstone of modern ornithology in Japan.

Died in February 2009.

3rd Award (Awarded on July 5, 1994)
Nakamura Tsukasa (Professor Emeritus, University of Yamanashi)

photo of prof. nakamura tsukasa

He contributed to ornithology and bird conservation through his research on physiology of avian migration, while continuing his research and conservation of avian species in Yamanashi prefecture.

Senior member of the International Ornithological Committee, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Honorary member of the Ornithological Society of Japan

2nd Award (Awarded on July 5, 1993)
Matsuyama Shiro (Advisor, Yamashina Institute for Ornithology)

photo of prof. matsuyama shirou

He contributed to the development of ornithology and conservation of wild birds in Japan through promotion of fundamental research on applied ornithology, especially conservation management of wild birds, and achieved significant results in guiding younger generations.

Died in August 2000.

1st Award (Awarded on July 3, 1992)
Haneda Kenzo (Professor Emeritus, Shinshu University)

photo of prof. haneda kenzo

He contributed significantly to the development of ornithology in Japan by continuing his creative research on community ecology of geese and ducks, while fostering the next generation of ornithologists.

Died in November 1994.