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Yamashina Yoshimaro Award

What is the Yamashina Yoshimaro Award?

The founder of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, Dr. Yamashina Yoshimaro (1900-1989), has made numerous accomplishments and received such awards as the Jean Delacour Medal, a highly esteemed award in ornithological world. The Ornithological Award in memory of Dr. Yamashina Yoshimaro (Yamashina Yoshimaro Award) was established in 1992 to commemorate his achievements on the 50th year anniversary of the institute. The award aims to reward the individuals or organizations that contributed to the development of ornithology research and conservation of birds in Japan.

How is the award winner selected?

The awardee is selected by the selection committee of the Yamashina Yoshimaro Award. The committee is headed by the director general of the institute and consists of the vice director, members of the board of directors (up to 5 persons), academic experts (up to 5 persons) and others who are considered necessary and appropriate as committee member by the chairman of the board of directors. The award ceremony was held every year until 2004 (13th Award) but it is now changed to biennial award and is awarded to one individual or organization every two years. The award is not presented if there is no appropriate candidate.

The memorial medal awarded to the awardee

The awardee is presented with a certificate of merit and a medal by the President His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akshino. The medal is designed with the portrait of Dr. Yamashina in the front and a relief of an Okinawa Rail in the back, and is engraved with the award year and the name of the awardee. The Okinawa Rail designed on the back of the medal was discovered in Okinawa and was described as a new species in December 1981 by the director general Yoshimaro Yamashina. It has now become one of the symbols of the institute. The awardee also receives 500,000 yen and a plaque from Asahi Shimbun Co. since the 12th award in 2003.

photo of the medal-surface

front: portrait of Dr. Yamashina Yoshimaro

photo of the medal-back

back: relief of the Okinawa Rail
year and name of the awardee are engraved

The medal of the Yamashina Yoshimaro Award

Recipients of the Award

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