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Honorary Director General

Yamagishi Satoshi
Honorary Director General

  1. 1961 Graduated from the Department of Natural Science, the Faculty of Education , Shinshu University
  2. 1977 Granted Ph.D. from Kyoto University
Positions and Functions
  1. 1983 Associate Professor, Osaka City University
  2. 1988 Professor, Osaka City University
  3. 1993-1997 President, the Ornithological Society of Japan
  4. 1997-2002 Professor, Kyoto Graduate School of Science
  5. 2000-2002 Deputy Director General, Yamshina Institute for Ornithology
  6. 2002-2010 Director General, Yamashina Institute for Ornithology
  7. 2005- Guest Professor , Tokyo University of Agriculture
  8. 2005- President , Ecology and Civil Engineering Society
  9. 2010- Honorary Director General, Yamashina Institute for Ornithology
Research interests

Ecology, Ethology and Animal Sociology mainly of birds; Ornithology

  1. 1973 Hortative Awards of Ornithological Society of Japan
  2. 1999 Ornithological Award in Memory of Dr.Yamashina Yoshihiro
  3. 2006 The Minister of Environment's Prize
Recent papers and reports
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